Content Design and Management Made Easier than Ever

Why X-Sign?

Easy Content Creation

Featuring over 100 easy-to-use templates that support images, text, videos, and QR code implementation, X-Sign allows you to quickly create content that fulfills your vision.

Easy Content Scheduling

Remotely schedule content distribution for single or multiple displays online. With customized content, you can show customers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Easy Content Management

Use one or multiple accounts to centrally manage all of your digital signage. Centralized control makes it easy to maintain high-quality content and present a consistent message across all displays.

Reduce Costs

X-Sign enables you to remotely display, schedule and monitor your customized content all through BenQ cloud service, greatly saving you extra expense for complex sever set up and long-term infrastructure maintenance.

Save Resources

Managing display content with the lowest resource expenditure. X-Sign enables remote account management to centralize content scheduling and monitoring across multiple displays. This allows you to ultimately cut down manpower costs while delivering optimal in-store experience for your customers.

Supported BenQ Displays:

Smart Signage (ST series) :
• Pre-installed X-Sign Player
• Access corresponding X-Sign Manager via X-Sign website

Other Series (PL/PH, DH, BH, TL, and IL series) :
Download X-Sign Player for Windows and get license key via download page.


BenQ X-Sign Includes

Use pre-installed templates to create unique content

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Schedule and manage content across single or multiple displays

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Display content easily via USB flash drive or our BenQ Cloud service

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Easy Content Creation

Create content for a variety of market segments with over 100 templates that support animation for images and text, video playback, QR code implementation, and scheduled playlists. With X-Sign, you can engage your customers instantly and effortlessly.

100+ Intuitive Templates for Various Settings and Applications
  • Retail: shopping malls / specialty shops / supermarkets / boutiques / convenience stores
  • Education: schools / institutes / universities / training centers
  • Hospitality: hotels / resorts / clubs / bars / cafés / restaurants / gyms
  • Exhibition: galleries / museums / exhibition halls / conventions / trade shows
  • Corporate: offices / meeting rooms / boardrooms / conference venues
  • Transportation: airports / train stations / metro stations / bus stations
  • Healthcare: surgical services / dental services / pharmacies

Easy Content Distribution and Scheduling

X-Sign Manager for Android™ is designed to help you manage and distribute content remotely. It is ideal for both single and multiple display usage scenarios. You can experience it for free at

For Smart Signage Users

Manager Figure

Remote Account Management

Set up different user accounts to manage single or multiple digital signage displays. For more precise control, you can also create groups and assign them to various users, thereby allowing your staff to manage and distribute content across displays. This feature helps cut manpower costs and resource expenditures.

Remote Content Distribution:
Scheduling Made Easy with Calendar-based User Interface

Use the centralized web interface to distribute content to remote locations via the Internet. You can schedule content playback times and create daily sequences. With this feature, you have the freedom and flexibility to display your content exactly where and when you want to.

Manager Figure

Centralized Remote Monitoring

Examine and monitor each display in real time to ensure the smoothest display operation. Being able to immediately detect and locate issues such as Internet disruptions or power outages is absolutely crucial for establishing the optimal in-store experience.

Easy Content Display

Effortlessly display content created with X-Sign Designer from a USB flash drive or our BenQ Cloud service. There are no extra hassles!

The X-Sign Player app for Android™, pre-installed on Smart Signage Series displays, is used for presenting any content you choose. There are two ways of doing so on your BenQ smart signage:

Via USB flash drive

Save your content to a USB flash drive, plug it into your BenQ smart signage, and hit play. It’s simple and easy.


Via X-Sign Manager

Use the X-Sign Manager website to manage and distribute your content to multiple BenQ smart signage displays in different locations. Connect your smart signage to the Internet via LAN or Wi-Fi to unlock the full potential of X-Sign.

Download the X-Sign Player for Windows to your computer. Connect your computer or external media player to your digital signage and display content via USB flash drive:

Via USB flash drive

Save your content to a USB flash drive. Plug it into your external media player or computer to begin engaging your customers right away.